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Sensitive Plus Tooth Brush

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Give life your best smile every day with Patanjali Toothbrush Sensitive—especially useful for those who need a delicate touch on their sensitive teeth and gums. Its soft bristles tenderly dislodge food particles, remove stains and work on yellow spots, especially the ones that arise from smoking. Its angular head helps you reach the farthest corners of your mouth and clear any debris that may be sitting there. The non-slip rubberized grip gives you the right amount of control to choose how much pressure you need to apply while brushing. Patanjali Toothbrush Sensitive is a natural partner to your dental care in providing you superior oral hygiene. Use daily to make brushing an effective and effortless experience.

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  • Removes decaying particles, plaque and germs 
  • Reaches far corners of the mouth 
  • Polishes and sparkles teeth 
  • Improves oral hygiene 

Best Before-60 Months from Manufacturing Date

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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