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This is a Vegetarian product. Pure cow ghee Without chemical Strengthens your body Pure and natural.

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PATANJALI country cow ghee is like amrit. We can not trust the cow ghee which is available in markets, it may harm instead of benefit. PATANJALI cow ghee is ultimate in its pure and is advantageous to your whole family.

Patanjali Cow Ghee is full of nutritive properties and an ideal diet. Cow ghee increases memory, intellect, the power of digestion, Ojas, Kapha and fat. Regular consumption of ghee or inclusion of ghee as part of the diet, is recommended for those seeking weight gain.


1.Cow ghee helps in improving digestion by stimulating the secretion of acid. 

2.Rich in antioxidant.   

3.Balances vata ,pitta & kapha in the body.   

4.Heals & nourishes to body.    

5.Relieves constipation.    

6.Non allergic.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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